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Camp Overview

Book your child into our Summer Camp now through our online booking form. Camps are running from Monday-Friday.

You can book a 1 day, 3 day or 5 day camp and you can choose from two time slots.

09.45am & 12.30pm.

Please note* there will be no afternoon camps for the last week of August..

Summer camp activities include kayaking, paddleboarding, beach games, water games, sea slide, sea trampoline & banana boat. Fully supervised by Watersports instructors. Camp is suitable for ages 6-15yrs. Book in advance as we have very limited availability – the camps are selling out very fast! Please message us if you have any questions & we would be happy to help!

Covid 19 Agreement

We will be conducting temperature checks on all attendees evey day before camp starts, By selecting “No” on the COVID-19  question in the below booking form, you are confirming that, no child in your booking party has symotoms of COVID- 19 such as, fever, dry cough or tiredness. More info on symptoms of COVID-19 can be found here  and that no child in your booking party is a close contact to anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, at the time of booking.

Please do not attend the activity centre if any of the party has Covid symptoms.

Medical Question

In the form below, you will be asked  if any child  in your booking party has any relevant medical conditions such as but not limited to asthma, epilepsy, hearing defect, learning disability, heart condition that we should be made aware of. If  “Yes”  please list conditions and childs name in the relevent area.

Social media consent

In the form below you will be asked if you wish to give consent allowing us to use your child’s photo in promotional campaigns on our social media and or website. Please note that your child will not be named and we will use photos only!

How to book

  • 1.Select Morning or Afternoon below
  • 2.Select your days individually - One click per day
  • 3. Complete booking form and pay by card using stripe
  • max of 6 children per booking

We take payment using Stripe. After filling out the booking form you will see a button that says pay with card via stripe. Booking will not be complete until payment is received via stripe.


  • 1 Day Camp €35
  • 2 Day Camp €70
  • 3 Day Camp €90
  • 4 Day Camp €110
  • 5 Day Camp €130